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Recycle + Reclaim

Ralph Swart

As participants of a busy city life and consumer society, we take pride in trying to recycle and reclaim as much stuf...

Our first "Stop Motion" picture :)

Ralph Swart

Ohhhh we had a blast today and we were on new grounds. We have a little experiences with some basic video editing and...

A little bit about us - Noot & Swart

Suus Notenboom

This is us Suus Notenboom & Ralph Swart & Vink. We are a couple working in our company that is designing &...

A Ceramic Throwback somewere in 2002

Suus Notenboom

We love to reminisce back to the older days... In these ceramic throwback blogpost we will reminisce about older work...

A new logo - yeahhhh

Suus Notenboom

It has taken sooo long but finally we hace a new logo.The name already changed from Noot & Zo to Noot & Swart...

Nerikomi @ Noot & Zo - our classroom

Suus Notenboom

Ohhhhh yes what a lovely technic it is. - Nerikomi - Slabs of different clays or clays colored with stains or oxides,...

Glaze Experiments.... Part 1 in our studio

Suus Notenboom

Last April we visited Het Amsterdams kleibedrijf to join a 3 day glaze workshop with the Glaze guru John Britt and oh...

Rearrange... Again!! :)

Suus Notenboom

Last summer we did it again.... rearrange the studio Make it better rearrange and yessss new higher working tables by...

Custom Orders - We love it!!

Suus Notenboom

When we have the time in this very busy period we love to make custom orders. It all starts with the interest in our ...

Oeps!! - Deleted our BLOG...

Suus Notenboom

Wauw i was working on our webshop/site today and totally removed our blog, we did not wright much but it was growing ...

All about Autumn & warm colors

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