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A new logo - yeahhhh

It has taken sooo long but finally we hace a new logo.The name already changed from Noot & Zo to Noot & Swart for our ceramic design products.Our classroom for lovely ceramic courses, workshops, events , masterclasses, etc will be still Noot & Zo - as know for a long while now...

Starting point...

Designs made by Maxime

And here is the design it has become :)

 The first we use as the banner of our website.
The second will be used and documents (and many other things).How about?


Maxime made a lovely design and here in an other mix with brown.....yummie.
Here was a funny option with a little paw {for our Vink}.


So now we are going to put it on anything we can :).
Make a few claystamps, screenprints etc.
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