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Group/Company outings: Table-top grilling or bowling ? why not Pottery!

Group/Company outings at ceramic studio NOOT & ZO

Table-top grilling, bowling or on a canal boat? Why not come and do some pottery!  Oh wow, how nice this is. A group of people, friends, colleagues, who instead of going out for an evening of bowling or stuffing yourself full of unlimited Sushi, think about doing something creative!

Why not try pottery?! Handbuilding and/or behind the pottery wheel. This is great fun.  There's a good chance that none of your friends or colleagues have ever done this, and if they have, they're probably 'crazy' enthusiastic about it.  No idea if you're any good at it. Videos on INSTA look nice, so who knows.

Then we come into play. A wonderfully large space with room for groups of up to 24 people. We have more than 30 years of combined experience and 'breathe' clay. We will immerse you in the world of clay and decoration. From throwing behind the wheel where you can make your own mug or bowl, to cutting out, shaping and decorating a plate or a platter.

You are guaranteed to express your creativity and there is a good chance that you will laugh out loud while trying to mastering the techniques required. We finish everything neatly for you so that you have a beautiful set of ceramics at home for daily use.

 Check it out and come and join us!

Would you like to reserve a date for your group? Contact us :)



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