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Ristretto or Espresso - Not two cups but just one!! :)

We had to make a choice....
After many years of producing two sizes of our small cups for that small sip of strong coffee we had to make a choice...
Our ristretto 75ml. (size was a design for a restaurant) and its bigger sister the espresso 90ml. are merged into a size in the middle:

Because of the basic and strong design it is soooo lovely to combine different stoneware clays, glazes or/and decorations. All on the same size cup...the middle one :)

Also it was getting a bit confusing, we make a lot of custom orders and sometimes persons ordered the espresso but they meant the risretto and the other way around. So yes it is time to simplify...
Here we point out the ristretto and this cutie will disapear...

Here we point out our old espresso cup:

And T A D A!! Here we present the new size Ristretto/Espresso cup we will make from now on:

espresso ristretto cups noot+swart

We are happy that we made this decision, no more confusion and a delightful cup in all our styles that will fit together... But never forget these cups are totally handmade with a throwing wheel so little difference in size can always occur...

When you browse our shop we will wright the size in the decription for you.

So you know wich cups you buy, we will tell you in the description if they are:
- the old ristretto
- old espresso
- or the new middle size that it will be from now on :)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Contact us :)

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