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Red Earth - Modern lidded jar - 3" high

Product image 1red clay lidded jars
Product image 2rode steengoed klei potten
Product image 3handgedraaide tode klei potten modern
Product image 4stapelbare keramiek potten
Product image 5stackable ceramic jars
Product image 6moderne keukenpotten handgemaakt
Product image 7red earth ceramic collection by Noot + Swart
Product image 8modern cilinder stoneware lidded jars
Product image 9rode klei dekselpotten

Regular price €47,50

The "Rock" lidded jar in a modern straight design in cone 8 Red earth... 
{Listing is for 1 jar}
Sizes : 
Holds: 300ml. { 10,5 Fl. Oz.} 
Hight: approx. 8,cm. {3"} 
Diameter: approx. 9,5cm. {3 3/4"} 

The "Rock" collection is made in honour of the beauty of pure stoneware clays that are available or that we home mix. in this case less is more ;)
And here a lidded modern shaped jar to hold what ever you like.
Candies, nespresso pads or little dreams :) - this is the lower and wider version of our modern lidded jars and yes thay stack!!

The jar is glazed inside and unglazed outside, the lid is in the same style.

Important with this design is respect for the material used and use it wisely, recycle and ofcource the pureness it is made with.

Red Earth - A clay body that is produced for a while and has its own style...
Normally used at lower temperatures and for earthenware....
But we high fire this beautiful stoneware clay to a dark red earthy color.

On the pictures the colors are as realistic as we can show you, but be noticed that all computer monitors show colors different! Also each batch we make can differ a bit from the next due to the raw materials in clay.


All unglazed parts of these items from this line are twice polished after fire
for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic items in the shop are 
food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Thank you for your interest :)
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