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Recycled N&S - Granola Bowl - Granite -Turqouise glaze.

Product image 1Recycled N&S - Granola Bowl - Granite -Turqouise glaze.
Product image 2Recycled N&S - Granola Bowl - Granite -Turqouise glaze.
Product image 3Recycled N&S - Granola Bowl - Granite -Turqouise glaze.

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The "Recycled N&S" nicely sized granola low bowls ...

About this listing:
- is for 1 granola bowls - if you would like less or more please let us know}.
- You will receive the bowl of the picture or a very similar one.

Recycled Noot & Swart {N&S} Collection is a tableware line that is made totally out of recycled and reclaimed materials from our studio/workshop.
Glazes used in these bowls:
A high fire glossy light blue/ turquoise glaze with a decoration with our lovely speckled clay slibs (engobe) for that modern look!


Sizes small bowl:
Hight: ± 5,5cm. {2 1/5"}
Diameter: ± 16,5cm. {6 1/2"}

Every time we open a kiln with this collection we get a little suprise, what color would they be, are there specks, is it grey, or one of these lovely sand colors or etc.
And ofcourse these bowl are made by hand with an electric pottery wheel...
All unglazed parts of these items from th
is collection are twice polished after fire
for a velvet matt but soft feeling and all ceramic items in the shop are 
food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Thank you for your interest :)
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