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Dip Chiller

Product image 1Dip Chiller
Product image 2Dip Chiller
Product image 3Dip Chiller
Product image 4Dip Chiller

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These lovely Dip-chillers keep your salsa's and sauces chilled on a hot summer's day or hot just to your liking! They are a joy to make and require many different throwing techniques.

Chiller A = the one at the front wich is tappered wide at the top

Chiller B = in the background is wide at the base

You can fill the base with cool water (and ice cubes) or with hot water to keep your salsa or sauce in the top at just the right temperature...

Made from our precious reclaimed clay, glazed on the inside (transparant) microwave and dishwasher friendly.

size: Hight 10 cm {4"} width: 11 cm {4,5"}


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