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Online Workshop - Crockery set

This is the page that you can enter when you have joined our Crockery set online workshop may 6 2021. The recording will be up in a few days - normally 2/3 days after the live demo....

Have fun looking back and we hope you are enjoying clay :)

 So that was a busy demo :) - enjoyed it a lot!!
Here is the recording of the workshop, hope you like checking it again. It will be online for two months for you to check back. At the end of this one we already put a little extra "How to dry the plates" - an important step otherwise they can warp and wiggle .

As promised a added extra movie on how to handle your precious handmade mugs...
The movie starts with the bottom and on the end the handling will be done. With different mugs... Enjoy :)  Here is our first finished set:

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