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Online Workshop - Chawan & Yunomi

What a joy throwing with some swoeng, embrace fingermarks, wet and leatherhard textures inspired by nature... For the Recording  - please scroll down  :)online chawan yunomi workshopWe make Chawans & Yunomi's so that is lovely to show, scroll all the way down to see some of the teacups we have made and accessoires that comes with this type of tea drinking pleasure...

Yes what a joy it was talking about these lovely asian teacups, as a dutch girl and a ceramic artist that loves japonese and chinese ceramics..

The first link we would love to share to get some fancy "Yunomi" inspirations:
YUNOMI INVITATIONAL 2020 – CLAYAKAR -  and this is only last year, they also have 2019, 2018 and you really can get lost on this website in sooooooo many ceramic designs and great artists...so please check out and enjoy. So many styles...


                       This is the Japonese caracter for 

                           "The Way of Tea" 




Really enjoyed watching the next movie by - John Baymore - respected in Japan and gives al clear explenation about Chawan & Yunomi - Also talks about The golden Mean" - all about balans, weight, sizes and more... 


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