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Collecties Clay Adventure Nr.2- Handbuilding - The Basics + at home

Yes you are in :)
You are one of our Clay Aventure Nr.2 participants, here you will find the recordings of the lessons/demo's, some extra tips and links. Have fun :)
We have opened a Private Flickr foto album so you can share your pictures of this adventure.
And a Private Flickr Group for Q&A, comment and share your toughts about the lessons....    Below some made vases with the tought technics...    
The thing we love about this technic is that you make parts, like a minimum of 3. But it would be even better when you make 4, 5 or even 6, so you can puzzle with the parts and let yourself be suprised by the possibiities they offer....
We are still learning in this digital world, we are getting there but there are some little things as in this movie little hickups and the oploading.......wow it took ages ;)
Here is Zoom lesson 1 of 3 (recorded on 24th of february 2021)

Some ceramic artists to get inspired.
Giselle Hicks - Lovely handbuild object and shapes (bit expensive but really nice).
Shape inspiration by Noot & Zo - a board on pinterest that gives you some ideas.
For the parts you can make and combine to make lovely combinations, use 2, 3, 4, 5 or more parts :)


Here is the recording of the 2nd lesson we gave on wednesday March 3 2021

Time flies when you have fun ;)

Here is the last recording of this ""Clay Adventure" - lesson 3 all about finishing the vases made out of coiled parts, by surforming (rasp) and smoothing them with the suraded rib, smooth rib and sponge to come to that seamless end result!! :)

The second part was all about the lovely and highly appriciated way of making (the everlasting (and always really important) cilinder shape) into a lovely soft, gentle round shape.... the big one on the end (25cm. by 8cm. hight) was a bit to ambitieus to finish in this lesson, but as an extra treat/bonus we will record it and share it here with you all :)

Please check out our other online activities for your projects at home :)

Warm greets, Ralph & Suus

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